Day Two


8:00 Coffee and Registration

8:30 Coffee and Re-Registration

9:00 Chair’s Opening Remarks of Day 2


Is China The Largest NEV Market In The World?

  • Government incentives for NEV’s in the world
  • Driving force of NEVs sales volume in China
  • National strategy of NEVs in different countries


David Zhang, Lecturer, Tsinghua Automotive Research Institute


9:30 Questions And Answers




The Application Of A Parametric Simplified Model Method To Improve Lightweight Verification Efficiency In Frontal Crash Simulation

  • Realization of mechanic performance controlling through the virtual simulation during the lightweight works
  • Cost optimization by reducing time and human resources of calculation and developing cycle
  • High efficiency (lower cost and decrease of the component developing cycle) based on the simplified equivalent parametric model


Genpaul Li, Senior Engineer, Vehicle Engineering Centre, Geely


10:00 Questions And Answers


Aluminium Solutions For Automotive Lightweighting

  • Vehicle lightweighting trend in Europe
  • Hydro’s alloys for automotive structures
  • Advantages of extrusions as structural parts
  • Examples of lightweight components by aluminium extrusions
  • Application examples in EVs and HEVs


Dr. Jin Hou, Senior Research Engineer, Innovation & Technology, Hydro Extruded Solutions


10:35 Networking Reception in the Exhibition Showcase Area


Resistance Spot Welding And Structural Adhesive Applications In A Low Throughput/Medium Level Of Automation Body Line

  • Resistance Spot Welding (RSW) process control and verification practices used in a low throughput/medium level of automation bodyline.
  • Structural adhesive application process control, and how to improve & decrease valuation for the application of adhesive.
  • Understand the best practices of adhesive applications in the low throughout body shops.


Mohamad S. Elkafafy, Operational Excellence Specialist, General Motors


11:30 Questions And Answers


The Challenges Faced In Utilizing Artificial Intelligence In The EV


Liu Kai, Head of the Lightweight Design Department, Lightweight Technology, Changjiang EV Corp.


12:00 Questions And Answers

12:05 Networking Lunch in the Exhibition Showcase Area


The Challenges For Engineering With Adhesives In New Automotive Body Structures

  • Considerations required for the use of adhesives in the body-in-white
  • Challenges encountered as well as providing insights into three distinct engineering phases: Requirements; Delivery and Sign-off
  • The trends of materials used in the body structure and outlines how changing customer requirements affect the role of adhesive joining


Ryan H McCurdy, Lead Engineer, Body Structures, Jaguar Land Rover


14:25 Questions And Answers


Hot Formed HFQ Aluminium Sheet And Innovations For Higher Volumes

The applications of HFQ® lightweighting technologies and the global strategy of expanding the partner network to create the global HFQ® value chain

  • Introduction to the HFQ® facility which provides niche volume production and prototyping in the UK, and current production by the state-of-the-art press line recognised by OEMs.
  • Hot formed aluminium attributes and advancing body component lightweight design to reduce production costs and improve vehicles’ safety and performance.
  • The next phase of the disruptive technology of HFQ® to achieve higher volume production of complex shaped high strength lightweight structures.


Zhutao Shao, Consultant, Impression Technologies Ltd.


14:55 Questions And Answers

15:00 Networking Reception in the Exhibition Showcase Area


Implementing Vehicle Lightweighting Strategy Through World Class Manufacturing And Lean Manufacturing To Reduce Cost And Enhance Efficiency

  • Systematic achievement of 5 famous Zeros, through step by step approach.
  • Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) for predicting machine failures.
  • Losses reduction through “Real Time Monitoring”.
  • Digital manufacturing integration – attainment of continuous weight reduction of automobile powertrains


Neeraj Tiwari, Manufacturing Director, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles


15:50 Questions And Answers



Case Study On The Manufacturing Process Of An UHSS (Ultra High Strength Steel) Automotive Body Part Via Direct Electrical Resistance Heating Method

  • Metal forming simulation results of direct electrical resistance heating of steel sheet
  • Experimental forming results of a door impact beam
  • Process design by digital manufacturing technology

Dongok Kim, Head of Materials & Processing R&D Centre, Korea Automotive Technology Institute

16:15 Questions And Answers


OEM And Vendor Panel Discussion: Introducing New Manufacturing
Technologies For EV Production

  • What resources must be used when introducing new manufacturing processes?
  • How will the new processes be used by the workers?
  • What are the challenges of integrating new technologies with existing resources and existing systems?


Ryan H McCurdy, Lead Engineer, Body Structures, Jaguar Land Rover
Mohamad S. Elkafafy, Operational Excellence Specialist, General Motors
Dongok Kim, Head of Materials & Processing R&D Centre, Korea Automotive Technology Institute


17:00 Questions And Answers

1705 Closing Ceremony (Awards) and Chair’s Closing Remarks