Benchmarking New Ideas And Strategies For Adapting

Joining Technology Innovations, Simulation Techniques And Lightweight Material Selection Methods For Affordable

Next Generation, Multi-Material Electric Vehicles in Asia

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Asia's Most Practical Vehicle Lightweighting Congress

Design Architectures For Advanced Lightweight Materials: Practical knowledge to implement lightweighting at the design stage of new vehicles, utilising the lightest grades of high strength steel, aluminium, composites and reinforced plastics

Dedicated Regulation Discussions Sessions With OEMs And Suppliers: Providing insights into the current state and the future projection of safety and emission regulations enabling OEMs and suppliers to work together towards meeting global carbon emission requirements

Network With Global Suppliers Of New Technologies & Raw Materials: This technical conference and networking event will give businesses a critical head start as China looks at developing a full lightweighting program that takes cost, process and regulation into consideration

Spotlight On New Energy Vehicles: Exclusive case studies and light weighting approaches from across the US, Europe and Asia on designing lightweight batteries and powertrain systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. Design the lightest, greenest new energy vehicles!

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